As a parent, you want your child to have access to the best learning resources, including books that can inspire and engage them. But with the rising costs of education and books, it can be challenging to provide your child with the resources they need to succeed. That's why SpacECE India Foundation is excited to introduce a new initiative that can help you purchase quality books for your child at an affordable cost.

We are proud to introduce our Books Chit Fund (Bishi) program, designed to help parents pool their resources and purchase books for their children. The concept is simple - each parent will contribute Rs. 650 per month, and the collected amount will be used to purchase books for the group. Only 12 parents will be allowed in each Book Chit Fund group, ensuring that everyone can benefit from this program.

Through this program, you can provide your child with access to quality books that can enhance their learning and development. Our team of experts will curate a list of age-appropriate books, covering a range of subjects, including science, math, language, and more. By participating in this program, you can ensure that your child has access to the best learning resources without breaking the bank.

Join our Books Chit Fund (Bishi) program today and provide your child with the best learning resources they deserve.

Benefits of Books Chit Fund

Importance of Home-Library

We have a very simple process,

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"We enhance Spaces"

SPACECE, a Child education specialist, recognizes the role of early childhood education and provides high-quality training to teachers and parents. We believe that qualified teachers and parents will provide an enjoyable learning atmosphere for the enrichment of children's social and emotional development.

Ms Jyoti Chougule

Bachelor of Education (BEd)

Teacher and Parent to two children

It is a very good platform for parents and teachers as they are arranging regular sessions for improving parenting. I have attended multiple sessions and learned many more unknown things to improve parenting skills like how to manage the emotions of our children, how to utilize their energy in a different way, how to keep them engaged, how to behave with them during a different situation, and how to enhance or encourage our child now. I found answers to all my questions regarding good parenting like diet plans, physical activity and emotional development. With SPACECE, we can contribute to the overall development and help our child become a good human being.

Ms Mrinal Rao

Master of Social Work,

Educator and Parent to a 2.5yrs old child

A session on language learning was specifically very useful for me as we speak three or sometimes four different languages in our home.

As my baby boy, Aneesh, is growing, I come across various questions. I prefer discussing those concerns with experienced parents and experts in child development. Sometimes it gets difficult to find somebody who can respond to my queries. SPACE has provided such a platform where experts and parents can discuss together.

It specifically helped to understand the language development in the multi-lingual environment in my home.

Is there any money-back guarantee policy?

No. We don't have a money-back guarantee, but all our products have a return policy. Details are available on the following link.