Our Approach

Research has shown that 90% of a child's brain growth occurs in the first six years of their life. During this time, a child's brain is like a balloon, the more information it stores, the more it expands. It is essential to focus on a child's overall development during these formative years.

To ensure a child's holistic development, they need to experience all the development processes including physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and beauty. Play and interaction activities are crucial for a child's overall development. Children need to play with toys, move around, and touch different objects to stimulate brain development.​

While there are many resources available in the market for the holistic development of a child, they may be too expensive for many families. Therefore, it is important to create a curriculum/work using home tools and materials that can be easily accessible. Household materials can be used for play and interaction, and all family members should be involved in these activities with the child.​ This will help families to plan and implement a capacity development program that prepares their children before they enter school.