Ms Jyoti Chougule


Teacher and Parent to two children

I found answers to all my questions regarding good parenting like diet plans, physical activity and emotional development at SPACE.

Hi, my name is Jyoti Chougale. I have two children my elder son is 5 years old and my younger daughter is 6 months old. I am working as a teacher for the last 6 years which gives an opportunity to deal with students from varied age group and personality. During this journey as a teacher, I have observed that each child has different behaviour. Nowadays, most of them are living in a nuclear family so parents have to face many challenges and the biggest question is how to handle children. I found answers to all my questions regarding good parenting like diet plans, physical activity and emotional development at SPACE. It is a very good platform for parents and teachers as they are arranging regular sessions for improving parenting. I have attended multiple sessions and learned much more unknown things to improve parenting skills like how to manage the emotions of our child, how to utilize their energy in a different way, how to keep them engaged, how to behave with them during a different situation, and how to enhance or encourage our child now. SPACE come forward as a one-stop for us, and everybody must join them. Together, we can contribute to the overall development and help our child become a good human being. Personally, I am very happy with SPACE and recommend you to connect with them.

Ms JMrinal Rao


Educator and Parent to a 2.5yrs old child

A session on language learning was specifically very useful for me as we speak three or sometimes four different languages in our home.

As my baby boy, Aneesh, is growing, I come across various questions. I prefer discussing those concerns with experienced parents and experts in child development. Sometimes it gets difficult to find somebody who can respond to my queries. SPACE has provided such a platform where experts and parents can discuss together.

It specifically helped to understand the language development in the multi-lingual environment in my home.

Hanry Samual

‘MS TALKS SERIES ON ECE’ is a program that I luckily came across referred by a close friend of mine. The very first session that I watched was so interesting that I requested my friend for the links of each session to be shared with me for viewing. As Working President of an NGO, Chandra Sundra Trust and an Advisor to Sai Education Sanstha (Trust) my purpose were to know and understand more about the children and their latest education styles so that it could be of help to me when I work for my NGO among children. Secondly as Joint Secretary to Quality Circle Forum of India, Mumbai Chapter and actively engaged in taking training, handholding and audits with respect to Quality Concepts I was interested in knowing more about the latest teaching trends. The organizers and faculty members at your end were so well experienced and knowledgeable that I kept listening to them. Each chosen topic and faculty spoke to the point and it was a real eye-opener for a person like me. The sessions are taken in such a friendly and homely manner that we feel like being part of the family. The questions that you took up to answer were also so enlightening that I remained till the end and wished it would go on. Even the guest speakers who shared their experiences were well selected, specific and very useful.

All this made me regularly attend the Sunday sessions at 3.00pm without fail and kept other works aside at these times as far as possible. Those attending the sessions are lucky to be a part of such a forum. I feel that these sessions should be attended by all teachers and parents too for proper guidance in taking care of their children at the most important and crucial young age. I subscribed to the website and watched all the available videos. Though the videos on U-tube are originally raw and not professionally shot they were surely useful in terms of learning. Going through all these made me realize many of the mistakes that I had made while bringing up my own children. Though my son grew up on his own it was my daughter who needed special attention that I had not given and still regrets to date. If only any of such guidance was available for me in those days. So, I feel you are doing a wonderful job with your team and it is surely yielding good results that may not be easily measured.

Lalita Patil

प्रत्येक पालकांपर्यंत जावी अशी उपयुक्त माहिती. मूल समजून घेण्याची पद्धती खूप सोप्या रीतीने गोड शब्दात सांगितल्या गोडबोले दांपत्याने.🙏

Vanita Devkhule

निसर्गाच्या सानिध्यात ठेवणे व आपण ही त्यांच्यासोबत रहाणे आजची गरज मी स्वतः अंगणवाडी सेविका हे पद सांभाळून करते आहे