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SPACE Talks Series

Capacity Building Series on ECE

SPACE TALKS are conducted periodically, which organizes knowledge sharing sessions by experts with decades of experience in the domain. It has also managed to develop virtual community-of-practitioners who gather every week to discuss various child development aspects. It also became a medium of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for ECE educators. Please refer to the attached documents for more details about the SPACE Talks series.

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Essential Documents

As expressed by all experts, we are trying to reach the maximum audience from all economic strata in urban locations, small towns and rural areas. We are providing our best quality sessions from eminent speakers at the subsidized rates (Rs50/session). Please find all required document in the adjacent section.

You can WhatsApp Aparna (90963 05648) to request more details and discuss it further.

Sample Sessions

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Our Success

State-Level Consultation on ECE

SpacECE organised a Get-Together with more than 50 ECE experts from all over Maharashtra. It set the tone for serious efforts in the ECE domain. Ms Madhuri Sahasrabudhe (Councillor, PMC), Dr Suneeta Kulkarni (Granny Cloud), Mr Chittaranjan Kaul (CLR), Mr Nilesh Nimkar (QUEST), Ms Sushma Padhye (Grammangal), Ms Shubhada Joshi (Khelghar), and Dr Godbole (Chiranjiv Clinic) were amongst them.

SPACE Talks Series on ECE

We are glad to share that the 'MS Talk Series on ECE' was inaugurated by Dr Mr Mrs Godbole with the topic 'Enhancing Potential during Early years'. It was great to see an overwhelming response from 900 participants from all over Maharashtra, which included parents, pre-school teachers, Anandwadi Workers/Sevikas and NGO professionals. It highlighted the need to continue organizing similar events in the near future.

Video Gallery with 1000+ videos

SpacECE has a youtube Channel with various educational material. All videos of the online sessions are made available through the video gallery in the online and offline mode. One of the significant contributions is a video gallery on Children (0-8yrs) coming from the Indian context. We are inviting parents to upload content on a restricted channel, which will be utilized by University departments specializing in ECE for research purpose.

Key Participating Organizations

About Us

SpacECE India Foundation

SPACE for Early Childhood Education

SPACE is the acronym of Social, Physical, Aesthetic, Cognitive and Emotional, which are crucial child development aspects. Additionally, to communicate our focus on the Educational component and children aged 0-8years, we use the suffix Early Childhood Education. 'SpacECE India Foundation' intend to work closely with the public education systems on capacity building and developing an eco-system for the overall development of children. ‘SPACE for ECE’ is another entrepreneurial effort to consolidate our decade-long experience acquired while working with non-profits, informal learning centres, international researchers and clients. One of the significant contributions is the Home-as-a-Learning-SPACE, where home itself is utilized for the learning purpose. We are also organizing online training and workshops called 'SPACE Talks'. Please refer to the attached organizational profile to learn about SPACE.