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Merit SPACE - Talks Series


Early Childhood Education

Online Event

A talks series with knowledge sharing by experts, researchers, interviews with practitioners, practical activities, and query solving

The goal of this talk series is to create awareness about the need for Early Childhood Education.

Upcoming Talks

Positive Discipline

Children need to disciplined in healthy ways from an early age so that adult doesn't need to use the coercive means to control them.

Emotional Development

Emotions are like colors emerging on a white canvas. Those need to be managed to see a good persona. Children need to learn these skills from an early age

Importance of Literature

Children's literature in Indian languages is not meeting the expectations in terms of quantity/quality. There is a need to discuss the importance of the literature and its accessibility.

The Moderators

Dr Balkrishna Bokil

President, Merit Centre

Mr Sachin Mohite

Executive, SpacECE

Ms Aparna Chaudhari

Executive, SpacECE

Dr Vrushali Dehadray

Lecturer, IIE

The Speakers

Dr Manjiri Nimbkar

Educationist, Pragat Shikshan Santha

Dr Suneel Godbole

Pediatrician, Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital

Dr Dinesh Nehete

Educationist, En-rich Foundation

Ms Shubhada Joshi

Trustee, Palakniti Pariwar; Head, Khelghar

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